Clerk of Circuit Court

Dale Agnew Clerk of Circuit CourtThere is a Circuit Court in each city and county in Virginia. Circuit Court Judges are elected by the General Assembly for 8-year terms.

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is an elected constitutional officer who has many statutory responsibilities. It has been reported that there are over 800 sections of the Code of Virginia which set forth what the Clerk shall do.

Dale Agnew - Clerk of Circuit Court


  • Attendance at all Court proceedings, preparation of Court dockets, and drafting criminal court orders.
  • Preparation and maintenance of all criminal and civil law files, adoption proceedings, garnishments and levies, summoning witnesses for Court appearances, and jury administration.
  • Probate of wills and codicils, appointment of executors and administrators of estates.
  • Goochland County Courthouse
    Goochland County Courthouse
  • Custodian of trust funds held by the Court and funds held by the Court during litigation.
  • Recording of deeds, deeds of trust, mechanic's liens and all other documents pertaining to the ownership of land within the County.
  • Collection of state and local recording fees, all filing fees, and all criminal fines and Court costs, and receiving monetary restitution for payment to victims in criminal cases.
  • Issuance of marriage licenses.
  • Docketing judgments, recording financing statements, and processing concealed handgun permits.
  • Custodian of records beginning with the time the County was formed from the Shire of Henrico in 1728. These older records have been preserved using approved methods of preservation. Since 2001 we have been using the digital record keeping system for our land records.
  • Dale Agnew is the designated FOIA Officer.
Section 30-13 of the Code of Virginia requires the clerk of the circuit court of each city and county to post one copy of each amendment to the Virginia Constitution at the front door of the courthouse, and a second copy shall be made available for inspection by any citizen. Additionally, § 1-211.1 provides that a clerk can satisfy the requirement for posting an official document at the court door by posting the document on the public government website of the locality served by the court or the website of the circuit court clerk.
HJ 545 Constitutional amendment; powers of General Assembly, etc.
HJ 562 Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for spouse of disabled veteran.
HJ 693 Constitutional amendment (first resolution); Transportation Funds.
SJ 295 Constitutional amendment (first resolution); legislative review of administrative rule.
SJ 331 Constitutional amendment; property tax, exemption for flooding remediation, abatement, etc.