Special Units

  1. Color Guard

    The Color Guard provides its services for special events and memorials under the supervision of Chief Deputy, Major D.A. Bewkes, Jr.

  2. Hostage Negotiation

    In the event a critical incident requires the need for focused communications and negotiation, the Goochland County Sheriff's Office selects and trains several sworn personnel to respond effectively to any hostage or barricade scenario.

  3. Police K-9

    Find out about the Goochland County Sheriff's Office K-9 unit.

  4. Radar Trailer

    The Sheriff's Office receives a lot of phone calls from concerned citizens with speeding complaints on many roads in the county. When we receive these calls, we try to place the radar trailer somewhere in the trouble area in attempt to slow traffic down.

  5. Rescue Team

    The Goochland County Sheriff's Office Rescue Team is responsible for the resolution of situations requiring other than normal law enforcement actions, tactics, or equipment.

  6. School Resource Officer

    Learn the duties of the School Resource Officer.