Pamela Cooke Johnson, MGT

1800 Sandy Hook Road

P.O. Box 188

Goochland, VA  23063
(804) 556-5806

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The Office of the Treasurer is one of five Constitutional officers elected by county citizens.   The treasurer is charged with the collection, custody, and disbursement of local funds. The treasurer also collects funds for the state, reporting on these accounts to the state comptroller.  The treasurer is not responsible for the assessment of taxes but is charged with the collection of the taxes once assessed by the Commissioner of the Revenue or Assessor's Office.

Pay Taxes

Real Estate and Personal Property taxes may now be reviewed online. You may also pay for these taxes using a credit card using Official Payments. Payment plans may be set up with the Treasurer


Due Dates
  • Real Estate:
    1st Half: June 5th
    2nd Half: December 5th
  • Personal Property:
    1st Half: June 5th
    2nd Half: December 5th
  • Vehicle License Fee: Included on 1st Half of Personal Property Bill due June 5th
  • Dog Licenses: January 31st

If you do not receive your bill(s), please contact the Treasurer's Office at 804-556-5806 before the due date. Failure to receive your bill(s) does not relieve you of additional charges that accrue for failure to pay by the due date.

Tax Rates
Click here to view the Goochland County Tax and Fee Summary

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